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We provide you best experience around your city.

Our revolutionary method of service delivery and innovative packaging have set new market standard.

ARAF NET Internet Service has re-defined the meaning of “Internet Experience” by offering limited and unlimited high-speed broadband internet connections to homes, businesses, and other centers in the city.

  • Best experience in affordable price.
  • Easiest installation Quickest, hazard-free start-up in almost no time.
  • Secure browsing We assure your safe and secure browsing with top security.


Quad core service combination. Our Network operation center, Pro active service desk, Field Engineers, and Fiber team lead downtime to be minimum even in disaster time.


We enhanced our network infrastructure for domestic and businesses.


We provide Minutes for best carrier to ensure dependable voice traffic.

Leased Line

Dedicated, steady and consistent internet connectivity for business.

Peer to Peer File Cloud

Decentralized file sharing model to download large media files in minimum time.

Flexible VoIP Service

ARAF NET is reformulating the mechanism for VoIP service flexibility.


Service desk is ready for 24X365 for technical assistance.

Why choose us?

ARAF NET's High-Speed Internet service offers multiple options to fit all your online needs.

ARAF NET brings you a lot of different types of Internet Packages. Check out our tariff section and we'll show you Which available package suits your need.

Besides of mainstream broadband network, adaptation is made to combine cable television (CATV) signals with Ethernet-based digital data traffic for transmission to subscriber homes using existing in-home coaxial access networks. There is also implemented another technology named Power over Ethernet (POE) which lets network cables carry electrical power, comes into play in many ROB sector, when everywhere power source is hardly available.

Easy to use

It just takes your nearest cable operator connects the cable to your premises. Fix IP address, login and start using.

Download Speed

Super fast ! You can download really huge data in minimum time.

Smooth Visual application

without having to worry about buffering while playing online games or viewing online HD movies.






Hours Of Support


Hard Workers

Call To Action

End users can log a call at the helpdesk by making a phone call to Helpdesk analysts sitting at ARAF NET technical service desk. Feel free to call Toll Free No: +880 1622-247 314.

Internet Entertainment

Our broadband service emphasizes both on interactive entertainment and content,including multi-player gaming,video chat communications,live video streaming, music and videos streaming, online serial shows,online shopping and Geo-location applications.We target for a more immersive, interactive,enriching and engaging content consumption experience.

Enjoy consistently fast speeds to match the pace of your life! Upload pictures, download movies and songs, play online games. It all happens quickly and smoothly

Equipped to serve.

ARAF NET holds real set-up to claim itself most reliable and responsible. Wide range of fiber network, large network operation center, Fiber line-up to maintain backbone network, multiple redundant for real –time load-balancing and backup, network cloud for file sharing, continuous monitoring for network tomography and route analysis, 24 X 365 available service engineers, toll free helpdesk allows us to offer more options, more reliability.

Get more from your internet.Unlock your Internet’s full potential with Alliance Broadband and enjoy complete digital freedom.

ARAF NET's fiber availability gradually becomes more ensuring to our interested customer, that their locality is enabled for having ARAF NET’s superfast internet connection.



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We always try to provide u best experience at a affordable price.


Basic Plan

  • 4 Mbp/s Internet Speed
  • Bufferless YouTube
  • FTP & BDIX Server
  • Real IP Available
  • 24/7 Support System
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Regular Plan

  • 6 Mbp/s Internet Speed
  • Bufferless YouTube
  • FTP & BDIX Server
  • Real IP Available
  • 24/7 Support System
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Premium Plan

  • 8 Mbp/s Internet Speed
  • Bufferless YouTube
  • FTP & BDIX Server
  • Real IP Available
  • 24/7 Support System
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